Container Yard

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PT Aditya Defa Transindo ( ADT ) was Establised since March 2004.

  • 37.000 Sqm full Concrated yard for containers storage
  • Maximum Storage Capacty : 7.500 Teus ( 7 stack high )
  • 2 ( Two ) Main gate for Gate In and Gate Out
  • Free from Flood

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    The best services for customers can make us to advanced and get more experience.

    Nana S - COO, New ADT

    We run a business not always want to achieved profit, but we are trying to serve our best and growing up, although that was a little bit.

    Rudy - CEO, New ADT
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    Container Yard

    37.0000 Sqm full Concrated yard for containers storage, Maximum Storage Capacty with 7.500 Teus ...

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    Container Inspection

    All trucks of import containers that are already cleared by Customs are required to secure ...

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    We are using a Database Depot system that we call it the "Inventory", it woul d store and submitted ...

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    Container Repair

    Capacity 60 teus, with our profesionals repair man can be optimezed to 100 box per-day ...

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    Reefer PTI

    The storage yard sets special areas for reefer stacking and PTI test, which can fully guarantee the power ...